Improve Your Game With Callaway Golf Clubs

Lifestyle-GBB_092Callaway golf clubs are one of the most well respected manufactures around. Callaway has an extremely impressive line of clubs for both men and women.

There is no doubt that Callaway’s products can compete with other top of the line companies such as Taylormade, Mizuno and Ping golf clubs.

Big Bertha

For drivers and fairway woods Callaway is best known for the Big Bertha and XR and XR Pro line of clubs.

Many golfers of all levels have chosen Callaway drivers and fairway woods over the years. Big Bertha clubs have been known to improve many peoples game by giving them better distance and forgiveness off the Tee.

On the iron side of things you will find their Big Bertha iron and XR range of irons to be very impressive. The Big Bertha irons are quality clubs that will give you a good amount of control.

The XR irons on the other hand can take the best of golfers games to the next level.

The Mack Daddy wedge

For those of you looking for a good wedge, you may want to take a look at Callaway’s Mack Daddy range of wedges. This wedge has been designed by Roger Cleveland, one of the most respected people in wedge design.

For the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge golf superstar Phil Mickelson worked with Roger on the shape and larger groove area of the club.

In late 2015 a new milled MD3 wedge was also released in 3 different grinds, S,C and W designed to provide optimal spin for each loft.

If you want to improve your game on the green then Callaway’s Odyssey putters are worth a look. These putters have been designed to lower the centre of gravity.

Coming in a range of heel-toe and face-balanced mallet putters, these clubs give a great feel off the face for a more confident putt.

A new line of Apex irons and hybrids have also been announced that will be available from late 2015.