How to improve your golf swing timing

golf-swing-970874_1280Golf swing timing is a misconception that, any Pro will tell you, a solid golf swing is more about proper mechanics than timing.

A great golf swing is achieved when the upper and lower body is synchronized, some would say “staying connected.” The speed and timing of your golf swing is centered on the technique that you are using.

Golf swing timing can be one of the most confusing terms used in golf today. You hear the use of the word “timing” but it is never really explained.

What is good golf swing timing?

Whenever you watch a good player hit a golf ball and when you hit a good shot, this is what timing means. Golf swing timing is your ability to swing your arms down while your left hip turns and moves out of the way. One mistake that some people can make is when they swing the arms down and the left hip never moves, there is no follow through with the hips.

The body stays too rigid resulting in the hands to cross over. Which causes the club face to close too rapidly at the base of the stroke. If your timing is off because you not moving your lower body in sync with the swing, your arms will cross over real quick.

On the other hand, most golfers when they swing, their entire body moves in sync, with the hips turning in one fluid movement leaving the club face behind them and open.

So if your timing is off and your body is too quick you will hit your shot off to the right. If your timing is off and your body is too slow you could hook the ball.

But if your timing is on, all that is saying, is you have the combination of the lower part of your body in sync and turning when your arms swing down. The mechanics is getting the hands to match up with the bottom part of the golf swing as you follow through.

So remember to move in one fluid motion, with your head down and chin tucked in, and smoothly follow through. To get your golf swing timing and mechanics in sync you don’t need to hit powerful shots at first.

Begin by hitting some short shots, and practice moving your hips in sync with your arms coming down. This will help improve your golf swing timing.