How to hit a golf ball straight

golf-83878_1280There is no doubt that all golfers want to know how to hit a golf ball straight.

The major challenge is that the driver is probably the most difficult club to master. In general, the longer the club, the trickier it is to use effectively.

But that is not to say it’s not possible to learn how to hit a golf ball straight, you’ll just need a few tips and lots of regular practice.

The best shot off the tee is one that imparts next to no backspin on the ball, has a low trajectory, and enough power to keep on rolling once it hits the fairway.

If you can put all that together, you will be hitting the ball longer and straighter, and your game will improve significantly.

Leverage and club head speed

The first thing about learning how to hit a golf ball straight is to recognize the importance of leverage throughout the entire swing.

To achieve proper leverage keep your head behind the golf ball from setup right through to impact.

The second key issue is that distance comes from club head speed rather than brute strength.

Golfers who try to muscle their way through the shot will typically end up with a badly hit ball. It is the hips and legs that generate speed and power, not the arms.

When using other clubs, there is some flexibility when it comes to swing path, but not with the driver. As you start your backswing, you have to keep the swing plane low.

Another thing to consider when learning how to hit a golf ball straight is to have your hands lead the club head at impact. This is what people mean when they say to “let your wrists break”.

A lot of golfers make the error of trying to suddenly stop their swing once they strike the ball.

The best way to avoid that is to let your arms and body move all the way through the swing including the follow through.

Another tip for learning how to hit a golf ball straight is to make sure you have a loose grip on the club. Focus on whipping the golf ball with the club rather than chopping at it.

Fix that slice

If slicing the ball is a problem you face, try to slow your downswing. You could be coming down too fast or too hard, causing you to come out of the proper swing path.

Another suggestion to stop a golf slice is to look at your grip.

If you can’t see two or three knuckles while looking down at your grip there is a good chance you will hit a slice.

This same grip tip also will apply to those who hook the ball. When you look down at your grip and see more than two or three knuckles, your grip will change at impact and cause you to hook the ball.

Align your body properly

One further tip for learning how to hit a golf ball straight is to make sure you are not pulling or pushing the ball. This can occur whether you are coming off the tee or hitting off the fairway. You will be able to tell if you are pulling or pushing the ball by checking the divot that’s left behind. If the divot is pointing to the left or right of your target line, it is because your body is not properly aligned.