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13 Feb 2016

The correct golf shoe can improve your game

Classic golf shoes with spikes, spikeless golf shoes and golf sandals can all play a part in lowering your score… and you will look great too! Years and years of great technology and design has been invested
3 Jan 2016

How to improve your golf swing timing

Golf swing timing is a misconception that, any Pro will tell you, a solid golf swing is more about proper mechanics than timing. A great golf swing is achieved when the upper and lower body is synchronized,
31 Dec 2015

Improve Your Game With Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway golf clubs are one of the most well respected manufactures around. Callaway has an extremely impressive line of clubs for both men and women. There is no doubt that Callaway’s products can compete with other top
31 Dec 2015

How to hit a golf ball straight

There is no doubt that all golfers want to know how to hit a golf ball straight. The major challenge is that the driver is probably the most difficult club to master. In general, the longer the